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   Fees and Charges
        Single Lots for Residents -------------------------------------- $300
        Single Lots for Non-Residents --------------------------------  $550
        Double Lots for Residents ------------------------------------- $600
          Double Lots for Non-Residents -------------------------------  $1100
        Triple Lots for Residents --------------------------------------- $900
          Triple Lots for Non-Residents ---------------------------------  $1650
        Single Cremation Lots for Residents -------------------------- $200
        Single Cremation Lots for Non-Residents --------------------  $400
        Double Cremation Lots for Residents ------------------------- $400
        Double Cremation Lots for Non-Residents -------------------- $800
        Triple Cremation Lots for Residents --------------------------- $600
          Triple Cremation Lots for Non-Residents ---------------------  $1200
      Locate the Gravesites ------------------------------------------ $75
       Monument Permit ----------------------------------------------  $150
     Opening and Closing of Gravesites                                     
Interment of All Sizes of Coffins:                                       
         April 1st - October 31st ---------------------------------------- $200
         November 1st - March 31st -----------------------------------  $300
         April 1st - October 31st ---------------------------------------- $250
         November 1st - March 31st -----------------------------------  $350
Interment of Ashes:                                                         
       April 1st - October 31st ---------------------------------------- $75
         November 1st - March 31st ------------------------------------ $100
         April 1st - October 31st ---------------------------------------- $100
         November 1st - March 31st -----------------------------------  $150


§  Flowers and/or memorial items are permitted at the interment site

following the service, for approximately ten (10) days, including at the base

of the columbarium, and then it will be removed by Cemetery staff.

§  Those persons wishing to commemorate a significant day or holiday by

placing flowers or personal items should contact the Cemetery Administration

prior to placing – items may be placed for approximately ten (10) days

and then will be removed by Cemetery staff.

§  Ornaments including flower holders and vases, crosses and statues are not

permitted on flat markers, unless the flat marker is in-line with the row of monuments;

but are permitted to be attached to the base of the monument if they:

a.     Are unbreakable

b.    Are permanently secured to the base of the monument;

c.     Do not exceed fourteen (14) inches in height; and

d.    Do not project beyond the outside edge of the monument base.

§  Items placed in permanent flower holders or vase will be removed if they have

deteriorated or present an obstacle or hazard to the operation of the Cemetery

§  Decorations, including but not limited to flowers, mementos, ceramics, statues,

windmills, balloons, glass, baskets, solar lights and lanterns may be left only

on a monument (not a flat marker) and are subject to removal and disposal without notice

§  Any memorial or memorialization which has been removed by Cemetery staff that is considered

valuable will be tagged for identification and stored for thirty (30) days, then disposed of if unclaimed

§  The Town is not responsible for loss or removal of any decoration and is not

required to retain any decoration left in the Cemetery

§ Border, fences, railings, coping, hedges, concrete or stone comers or iron posts are not permitted